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Legal Audit and Review of Accounts

At a time in which frauds and scandals make daily news, the pressure for trustworthy financial information has increased, placing the focus on security services (Legal Audit and Review of Accounts).

At Roberto, Silva, Matos & Associados, SROC we take these responsibilities very seriously. Auditing, review of accounts and security services represent more than guaranteeing that a company is compliant and fulfills its legal obligations.

We help you align your firm, meet your business objectives and achieve your strategic goals. Our partners have broad technical experience which we will use to provide risk-oriented auditing services and create value with a fair cost-efficiency relationship.

As part of the Legal Audit and Review of Accounts, internal control risks are evaluated and a report is issued where causes and recommendations are proposed. This report adds value to the firm because it is very useful in the decision making process and to identify actions to be taken to strengthen your entrepreneurship.

Due to our partners years of experience, our approach to Legal Auditing and Review of Accounts is broad and tailored to each firm. Before we start, we bring together an appropriate team of professionals, we learn about the client’s operations and business, understand the associated risks and only then develop a comprehensive plan to carry out our work in the most professional and efficient manner.

In addition to this, all our audits are subjected to tight quality control, to ensure that our work meets professional standards and complies with the Technical Review and Audit Standards of the Statutory Auditors Institute or the IFAC International Auditing Standards.

Independent audits increase the credibility of management statements regarding effectiveness in the administration of resources and their legal conformity. This is a necessary criterion when evaluating a firm, determining the return of an investment and the security of its investment in capital. Our clients state that our assistance in this field is valuable.