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Tax Consultancy

In the area of Tax Consultancy, our professionals can provide proposals for the optimization of your procedures, proceed with the research and analysis of specific questions as well as determine, when faced with several options, which is the most appropriate for your firm.

Based on the experience of its professionals and as a direct result of the daily clarifications of tax questions, Roberto, Silva, Matos & Associados, SROC possesses precise knowledge of tax issues that affect the business reality of its clients.

Tax Consultancy services include:

  • Permanent advice to firms, with a special focus on tax obligations;
  • Analysis of the tax implications which might arise from a specific economic transaction, suggesting the alternative which reveals to be the most efficient from a tax perspective;
  • Tax advice in the structuring of firms and corporate groups;
  • Determining of the tax implications which might arise from the restructuring of firms, especially in the cases of mergers and acquisitions;
  • Evaluation of the tax implications on clients’ personal and family assets;
  • Analysis of the tax implications for public and semi-public entities, including non-profit entities such as foundations and associations;
  • Support of tax claims, namely preparation and follow-up of Administrative Appeals.